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We are a network of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporate innovators that change the way the Venture Capital industry fix climate change.

Building a venture capital industry that cares and take action for climate change

Zerofirst Ventures is working with startups, investors, corporate innovators and universities to build a low-carbon and sustainable ecosystem. It is led by a network of responsible leaders.

We are working with Venture Capital funds to build tools, programs and operating and financial models that will help the VC industry to lead our fight for climate change.

We help with venture capital investors to build sustainable portfolios and make sure they lead the way to fix our planet.

We support and empower founders that want to build their startups with a net-zero mindset and build it responsibly. We believe that startups should build their ventures from zero to one but keep it zero emissions.


Venture Capital

We help early stage startups and founders embrace Firstzero mindset. We help them learn and execute methodologies to build their businesses sustainably and then scale their venture responsibly. Our goal is to create leaders that will build and scale with care for our planet.

We work with venture capitalists to take responsibility on their investments and operations. We help them develop Zerofirst portfolios, educate their startups and build mechanisms to invest responsibly.

"The Venture Capital and Startup ecosystems together  lead the change for our climate"

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